partly because

短语搭配 编辑 partly because部分原因是Because Therefore因为所以Because Threrfor因为所以surely because引导原因Because understanding因为了解Mainly because主要是因为Because young因为年轻Not because不是因为性 ; 不是因为我

partly healed部分愈合的 partly soluble部分可溶的 repair partly部分维修 compose partly部分组成 双语例句 But this forecast was only partly true.但这个预言只是部分地实现了。I love Italy, partly because of the people.我喜欢

This is partly because women are increasingly moving into a man's world女性工作出色,部分原因在于她们越来越多地涉足男性的领域。'Why didn't you tell me, Archie?' 'Because you might have casually mentioned it to

I have no dark confessions to make. I call my story the story of a bad boy, partly to distinguish myself from those faultless young gentlemen who generally figure in narratives of this kind, and partly because I

You'll notice that I don't have the usual desk accoutrements in my workspace - partly because it doubles as my living room windowsill, and partly because I don't require much more than my laptop.你该注意到,我的

goes wrong when violence - and murder - ensues. Three men are convicted; but there is a fourth, Frank Latimer, who is found not guilty partly because of Sally's evidence, or lack of it, and partly because of


The Story of a Bad Boy the Story of a Bad Boy
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